About poyang lake

Poyang lake national wetland park is located in poyang county of jiangxi province, with a planning area of 365 square kilometers, including wujin branch scenic spot, baishazhou scenic spot and grand prairie scenic spot. There are many types of wetland resources, which are very representative. Poyang lake can assemble water, birds, grass, fish and other natural essence.

The four seasons of poyang lake are full of beautiful sceneries. From November to April of the following year, 98% of the world's rare migratory birds will successively come here for wintering and breeding. The scene is spectacular.

In poyang lake national wetland park, visitors can swim in the beautiful lake, enjoy the passion on the water, travel on the grassland at the bottom of the lake, watch the wonders of migratory birds, taste the fresh lake characteristics, experience the lake civilization, forget the hustle and bustle of the city, and become the children of nature.


Which of the N colors of poyang lake do you prefer?

They say

Poyang lake is green

Not to mention the lotus leaves from day to day

Even the lake turned green


They say

Poyang lake is red

Not to mention the tender and shy new lotus

Even the two sides of the poyang lake are glowing with red light


They say

Poyang lake is white

Not to mention the white swan as white as snow

Not to mention the glittering silver fish



They say

Poyang lake is purple

Not to mention the wetland park's dreamlike purple prairie

Even the wild flowers and grasses of the marsh had a dreamy color




Poyang lake is a colorful lake

Such as jade

Red like fireworks

White clouds

Purple like a fairy

She is such a pretty girl

May you love her as long as you live