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Do not read the island group built base

Wunian island in the poyang lake grassland scenic area boasts beautiful natural landscape, profound cultural deposits, sound hardware facilities and high-quality service.

 It strives to create the cultural connotation of "based on tourists' satisfaction and taking pride in creating value", 

and strives to become the best choice for the construction of companies in surrounding areas.

Introduction to scenic spot facilities


The meeting room


Complete meeting projection equipment, for the team to come to the construction of the major business meetings.

Star camp

Directly in front of the tent hotel is the open and free star camp, where the team can carry out a series of activities, such as games, camping, barbecue and so on. 

The large LED outdoor cinema can satisfy the friends of tuanjian to watch a romantic movie or a visually stunning blockbuster.




Endless pool

"Boundless" and "no thoughts" complement each other. Every drop of water in the pool comes from our beautiful poyang lake.


Sightseeing car

For tourists to provide convenient transportation, the island is equipped with two types of sightseeing vehicles. 

One is an electric car, the other is a bicycle, no matter what kind of sightseeing mode of transportation, you can let the big island, the island all over the scenery.


No read bar

Modern architectural style, sound singing K equipment, seemingly with the surrounding quiet, leisurely natural scenery, 

it is the collision on this style, can reflect the real no read: wanton that is elegant, no read that is read! There is a bonfire platform outside the bar, 

where you can build a bonfire in the evening to experience "three cups of light wine and one seat of lake breeze drunk".


Special food

On the island, there is a special theme restaurant with all kinds of delicious food, mainly fresh from the lake. 

Most of the food materials are produced around the scenic spot, which can be described as pure green and natural dishes. 

Tourists can also fish by themselves. The restaurant provides cooking utensils for tourists to process the delicious food captured by themselves, 

so that tourists can truly experience the life of a fisherman.


Tent hotel

After a whole day of group-building activities, tourists feel a little tired when they are happy and excited. 

The tent hotel will provide you with high-end, comfortable and comprehensive one-stop butler service, 

so that tourists can look up at the stars and forget the hustle and bustle on the grassland of poyang lake. 

Unique style tent hotel and tent villa, which is the core accommodation project on wunian island.







Villa tent interior



We are not the best group to build base, but we try to do better. We will devote our heart to provide the best service for the friends who come to visit us. 

If you can come to wunian island, we are confident that your travel service will become a shining diamond in your travel history. Welcome your arrival!