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Poyang Lake National Wetland Park

The first pot in the world

(Bai Wei Yu Tang, using dozens of wild fish cooked by firewood)

Lake boiled live fish! That fish soup is really a fresh!

Lake fish, lake boiled fish

This is the best match in eating fish.


Rolling the soup, taking a bowl, the soup is fresh and sweet.

The taste of the original soup when it is boiled

The sweet taste of the fish after the baptism

Three drinks, no, no more two bowls to enjoy

Fish must be tasted,

Almost no smell, the meat is also very sweet and full.

There is also a clear tenacity! ! !


Poyang Lake Spring is not a yellow skull


Spring is not pickled in the color of black pickles

With green, fresh and strange

The yellow head of Fuyang is different from the yellow head of other places.

The meat is tender and the taste is very fresh.

This dish is delicious and delicious.

 Endless aftertaste

I can eat fish for a year!

Because of the fish! Fresh enough! Not afraid to toss!

Fish soup! Spring is not old! tofu! fillet!

The combination of eating and eating can be described as a flower! kind! hundred! Out!

Poyang lake catfish boil tofu


Delicious can't stop!

The fish has a tofu taste, and the tofu is infiltrated into the fish.

This taste believes that the food can be understood in seconds!

Squid head fat but not greasy, soup if fat

The savory taste of the four pots

In addition, the "big meal" of the Poyang Lake fish banquet also has

Poyang lake wild fish piece


Wild carp of poyang lake

Poyang Lake Deepwater River Shrimp


The above dishes, Poyang Lake Shenyu Manor, Poyang Lake Xiangyangju/Tent Restaurant, Poyang Lake Prairie Scenic Area are sold

Poyang Lake Ecological Fish Museum (Nanchang Branch)

As a qualified foodie

Not only have a pair of eyes to discover food

There is also the virtue of sharing food with others.

For me who loves fish,

Do not eat fish one day

Just like no soul

So I ignore the cold of winter.

Crazy looking for the best fish shop in Nanchang

Finally, on the other side of the Lijiang River

Found this fish house

Poyang Lake Ecological Fish Museum is stationed in Nanchang!

Address: Building 32, Xintiandi, Qijiang New District, Honggutan

(The Ferris wheel goes 300 meters along the Yangtze River Bridge)

Gaode and Tencent maps can be searched;

Order hotline: 0791-88179008

What does this name mean?

You don’t have to go to Poyang Lake to eat.

The fish in Poyang Lake? ?


Original ecological green ingredients

All ingredients are salvaged by fishermen on the spot.

Shipped on the same day

While retaining the delicious taste of fish dishes

Guarantee the green health of the ingredients


Unique decoration

Completely hidden


The moment you step in

Warmth and exquisiteness

Minimalist design that is completely different from the look and feel

Low-key yet connotation

Even the migratory birds of Poyang Lake have been attracted.

Do not believe you see


There is also a small ecosystem in the middle.

After eating, enjoy the fish and see the scenery

It’s not beautiful


On the right is some fresh lake snacks in Poyang Lake.

a wide variety, a dazzling array of

I like your friends.


Sliding up the stairs

Will find a complete Xiangyang fishing boat in front of you


The breath of the lake is coming

The scene of fishing is in front of you

The fresh ground is nothing more than bamboo shoots, the river is no more than fish

This unique fish house

Picking raw materials

Perfectly preserves the deliciousness of fish

And tender

Use exclusive cooking techniques

Plus original ingredients

Offering a perfect whole fish dinner for the foodies

Poyang Lake Whitefish

Especially the tenderness of the fish fillet inside, the kind of incense

The lubricity of the mouth is hard to forget


White mandarin fish


Poyang Lake Braised Squid


Everyone who has tried it has never praised him.

The outer crisp is tender, the skin is crispy, the meat is juicy, and the color and flavor are all

Especially when the fragrance is emitted

Mouth-watering, eye-catching

Poyang Lake Mandarin Fish


Fish head cooked with onion


Wild silver fish steamed egg


In addition, there are many delicious soups here.

Such as Baiwei fish soup, silver fish

The ingredients are all from Poyang Lake.

White fish, silver fish, squid

Fresh and smooth, juicy and delicious~

Wuhu Baiwei Fish Soup


A bowl of hot fish soup in winter

The body feels warm